Founded in 2016, HashShiny.io is a cloud-based solution for mining cryptocurrency fitting all types of users. It comes with 1.5% of the world’s BTC Hash Rate. Not only the platform mines multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, DASH, DCR, ETH, ZEC), but it also rewards its new users with a solid signup bonus (10 GH/S +100 KH/S +10 SOL/S +10 GH/S of Hash Rate). So, it makes a great starting point for those who want to enter the world of crypto. The good thing here is that you don’t need to buy any equipment to mine crypto.
Needless to add, they use the latest mining technologies and besides, most of the team behind team HashShiny.io are from top dotcom companies, so you may count on expertise in the area.


The site has a few Chinese character markings, but the exact location of this mining company is not known. We may suggest that it’s run from China.

Mining Plans

There are 4 cloud mining plans on offer. The basic plan is a great entry point as it allows you to pay as little as $1 for 10 GH/s or the same amount per 100 KH/s. With the most expensive plan (Blake 256 R14), you can invest $5 for 10 GH/s. Bear in mind that the platform has the maintenance fees, which vary from plan to plan.

The other neat feature about this platform is that you can choose a pool to mine. It can be beneficial since you can choose a more profitable pool.


HashShiny promises ROIs that are unbelievably high and unsustainable for the long-term health of a business. Consider the following: with an offered daily return of 3.84%, you can gain a cumulative return of over 1,400% for a calendar year. That’s unbelievable! But bear in mind that risks are involved when dealing with such type of projects.


HashShiny.io comes with advanced security. They encrypt all data and use special anti-theft technology. Plus, they make automatic backup of the database once a day.

How to start earning via HashShiny.io

It’s easy to get started with earning. These are the basic steps to follow:

  • Register an account

  • Choose the best suiting plan for you and sign a contract, which will be active for 2 years.

  • Pay and enjoy earning crypto!

That’s it!

The Bottom Line

HashShiny.io feels like a reliable company which offers a great way to make money. So, if you are interested in cloud mining, you can try it. By the way, there’s a profit calculator to help you understand how much you can earn. But bear in mind that your profit may vary because the profit estimation is based on cryptocurrency current value and mining hash rate, both of which are changeable.

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