Why Bitcoin Analytics?

We value Bitcoin. We think that Bitcoin has value. That is why we started this project.

Our project is a business and as an all-new entrepreneurial idea it is an experiment, as it is Bitcoin itself.

This project is an experiment from many points of view: it is Bitcoin promotion and an attempt to provide a useful tool which we as Bitcoin users and traders want for ourselves; it is an experiment in economics, learning, understanding and practicing different mainstream and non-mainstream economical schools and ideas; it is also an interesting technical experiment for us as software developers.

What does it mean for you as for users and customers of the business service which is in its early establishment state? It means that from the very beginning you will experience all problems we will have, especially technical. The only excuse we have is that Bitcoin technology itself is in its infancy and we hope for your understanding and generosity.

From our side we pledge our time and efforts to provide you with a service more valuable for you than the amount of Bitcoins you spent on it.

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