The most popular non-custodial marketplace

Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USDC, and other cryptos peer-to-peer.
Trade safely with instant signup, 250+ payment methods, and all countries supported.

Start trading in 30 seconds!
No identity verification, no waiting times, all you need is an email address to get started

Browse, search and filter offers
You can post your own offer to trade, or reply to someone else’s offer. Offers can be filtered by location, payment method, cryptocurrency, and more.

Trade with escrow protection
During the trade the cryptocurrency is locked into a secure escrow system until the seller has received the payment directly from the buyer. If there’s any problems, our staff are on the scene quickly to assist.

Exchange directly with no middleman
The buyer pays the seller directly, without LocalCoinSwap or any other third parties involved. Once the payment is confirmed, the cryptocurrency is released from escrow to the buyer. Then both traders leave feedback on how the trade went.
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