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AllYourFeeds is a Web 3.0 content platform for industry specific news, media and data from 1000s of sources. Stay on top of rapidly evolving industries and content trends from ONE portal with focused search and navigation. Subscription memberships unlock commenting, content submission, custom dashboards and data analytics. Private label solutions available for monitoring specific industries, topics and enterprise intranets.

  • Relevant. News without any social noise. Limited commenting.

  • Quality. Expert vetted and AI enriched.

  • Curated. Content and analytics for researchers, investors, traders & executives

  • Focused. No more tab overload across fragmented platforms and publications.

  • Fair. Support for paid original publishing via direct tipping and revenue share.

  • Current portals include Blockchain, Biotech, Cannabis, AR & VR, AI & IoT.

Live, Curated, Searchable News
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