The First Mining Pool

In 2010, we were the very first in the world to successfully implement the concept of pooled mining. While many other pools emerged and have ceased to exist, we have been operating continuously and and have mined over 1 million bitcoins to day. The former one-man project was transformed into a professional global operation in 2013.

Stratum Protocol

In 2012, we introduced the Stratum mining protocol to replace the aging and inefficient getwork protocol. Stratum has been subsequently adopted by not only Bitcoin mining pools but by most cryptocurrency pools in general. We have also further improved the protocol to support newly developed technologies such as the version-rolling AsicBoost.

Fixing Mining with Braiins OS

In 2018, we launched Braiins OS, the first fully open-source cryptocurrency embedded system. The goals are to fix the common mining issues, enable performance tweaks and allow users to take full control of their mining hardware. Braiins OS is completely free to use (and modify) for everyone, however, Slush Pool users will benefit the most from the seamless integration.

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