Break Their Rules

The war between the state and the sovereign individual has waged since the dawn of empire. In an act of defiance Satoshi Nakamoto declared war on central banks and the government monopoly over money. Drawing to his ₿attle standard the cypherpunk revolution to transform communications code into unstoppable money.

₿reakTheirRules is part a passion project and part documentary of my journey down the rabbit hole of both ₿itcoin and the nature of money. The collection of quotes reflect the insights I’ve found most profound in my understanding to the story of money which inspires my art. This project started as a few scribbles for myself that grew into something more. It is my sincerest hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy making them.

Break Their Rules
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wrote on, 25-12-2020 |
Awesome looking designs I couldn't find anywhere else!!

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