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The thing that makes our store different from other crypto clothing and merchandise stores are that we deliver more than just shirts or stickers. We deliver knowledge and discussions. With the store I try to combine both a great knowledge base where you can learn more about Bitcoin and crypto in general together with funny and never before seen crypto designs. The products are chosen and tested from quality and feel perspectives. Making sure that the highest quality is what our customers will receive.

The Bitcoin Wardrobe was born from the idea that I wanted to do even more to spread the knowledge of Bitcoin and other currencies to people. In order to do so I knew that I had to do it together with some interesting merchandise, that is what I previously have found to be very effective for getting people to talk about crypto. But I saw a lack of items with great quality that will hold for a long time in the market. So I started designing a lot of shirts and other items, carefully choosing the supplier for quality and good standards. Spending many many hours with finding the right designs and testing the reactions on social media sites. 

The aim for this store is to provide good looking quality apparel and merch for both crypto enthusiast like you and former no coiners who wish to show their support for the crypto space and to be a part in the ongoing mass adoption, to spread knowledge to new people and further your own knowledge. Sometimes with humour, sometimes with fact; but most importantly, always with style!

Let everyone know that you are a part of the wonderful world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
The Bitcoin Wardrobe: Crypto Fashion | Bitcoin Clothing Store
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